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“China International Forum on Gender Equality for Sustainable Development” Was Convened Successfully

October 20, 2016, co-organized by the China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), China Women’s University (CWU) and Australian Government Department of Education and Training, the 1st “China International Forum on Gender Equality for Sustainable Development” was convened successfully during the “China Annual Conference for International Education” at the Beijing International Convention Center. MENG Xiaosi, Standing Committee member of CPPCC National Committee, Vice-Chairman of the 12th All-China Women’s Federation, and TIAN Shulan, Vice-Chairman of China National Committee for The Wellbeing of The Youth, the 8th Vice-President of All-China Women’s Federation, the former Chief Commissioner of Supervision, Ministry of Education, China, attended the forum and delivered speeches.

Mr. LI Mingshun, Chair Person of China Women’s University Council, made welcome remarks to the forum. He reviewed the achievements of gender equality and sustainable development of women from both domestic and international perspectives in recent years.

During the Keynote process, Ms. MENG Xiaosi reviewed the remarkable achievements of Chinese women, emphasized the role of sustainable development of women in intergenerational transmission, and introduced the work and achievements made by the Women's Federation in women's development. Ms. TIAN Shulan discussed the progress of Chinese education in promoting female gender equality from three aspects: the protection of state mechanism, the guarantee of the main channel of education, and the support of non-governmental organizations.

The following part, “thematic debates” were chaired individually by Ms. Katherine VICKERS, Minister-Counsellor, Australian Embassy, Beijing, and Ms. LI Ying, Dean of the School of International Education, CWU. The representatives from UNESCO officials, ambassadors to China, the All-China Women's Federation, the influential scholars and female leaders of internationally renowned enterprises and other guests got together and well discussed about the themes of “Women’s Leadership in Education and Research”, and “The Challenges and Opportunities of Women’s Development”. Within them, Dean of the Department of Women’s Studies CWU, Professor WEI Kaiqiong also made a speech. About a hundred guests on-site coming from more than 20 countries and regions participated in the heated discussion. At the end, Shen Xuesong, Deputy Secretary-General of CEAIE, provided the closing remarks to the forum.

Gender equality and women's sustainable development are the important prerequisites and components of sustainable development around the world today. They are also important issues and practical needs for innovation and development in the new era. The forum has made a deep and extensive discussion on women's leadership, women's sustainable development and women's opportunities and challenges in the fields of education and scientific research, and put forward corresponding suggestions and proposals.